As the Wind Blows

This week flew by!  Probably because we were closed Monday to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and closed Wednesday for a snow storm.  The upside to a snow day was that our first test, Management, was rescheduled to today which gave the students extra study time!  It paid off! 2 of the 3 remaining students passed their first exam!  It is extremely stressful, but now they know what to expect for the following tests!

When we have to close, that doesn’t stop the homework!  The students have been working hard to keep up on all the assignments.  We did get to do some fun activities in class including making a fortune teller, which helps show the huge difference the different styles of training can have.

We also had the students do some role plays as managers and employees and how to communicate when issues come up.  This group was not as brutal as some in the past- no one was fired and solutions were found!

I’ve been keeping Kole busy.  Cashed in on his artistic side to get a new game for the digestive system!  It looks so great!


The baking never stops! We have been working on our Valentine’s Day specials: Cookie cakes! We are offering 9″ Chocolate Chip with Buttercream frosting for $12, 9″ Red Velvet with White Chocolate Chips and Cream Cheese frosting for $15, or mini brownie hearts with buttercream for $5!


We have two familiar faces who have joined the Just Bakery production team: Sonja and Ali!  This is their first official work week and they have been doing a spectacular job!  (Sonja is responsible for the beautiful decorations on the cookie cakes) We are so excited to welcome them to the family!

A couple flashbacks to Sonja and Ali over the summer!

Have you checked out our new website yet?  We finally have everything in one place!! You can check out what special items we are making, when classes are starting, and starting today: online ordering!!! Make sure you help us test it out and order something tasty!!


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