First Test Looming

Hey, it’s Shawnna again this week checking in! We finally finished MANAGEMENT! YAY!The tears are real! LOL!  We started Supervision and are preparing for the Management test.

Our tutor, Eve, stepped in on us this week and got us all going super involved in Nutrition.

One of Kiel’s highlights this week was that he was surprised to actually remember a lot of the key points from Management.

One of Jitzary’s highlights was her improving her test scores!  She rocked it with an 80% on one of them! Shout out to Kole for helping her! We all really appreciate it because we all want to pass together!

Cody and Holly are rocking it- they’re really killing it in here!  Being a community student is extra difficult because there is so much else happening in life in addition to all the homework.

One of my highlights is actually being able to push forward and keep motivation running through my body!

Jackie is an awesome teacher!  She’s been helping us study for Management by doing activities like crosswords.  In Nutrition we did a game based of Jeopardy to review the first part of the book- Carbs, Proteins, Lipids, Vitamins, and Minerals. It was super fun!

Thanks for checking in on us!  This was an awesome week for us!


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