Welcome JB 35!

“Hey, its Cody here.  We have started the new class and in the last two days we have started Management homework and ServSafe.  We have five students in this class and everyone is pretty awesome.  There is a lot of homework so we definitely have to stay focused.

We did job interviews to decide what classroom jobs we will have.  I got the journalist position along with Shawnna.  We both also have the job of general maintenance, which is the job of keeping the classroom together. Kiel is the barista as well as in charge of the garbage and floors. Jatziry is our photographer and one of the dishwashers, and Holly is our other dishwasher.

We are all looking forward to continuing class and seeing how we do.  Everyone seems motivated to do well.”

And now for some introductions to the new students! We have them write a little bit about themselves and what brings them to the program.


“I’m Shawnna. I was a kid going down the wrong path.  I am a 20 year old, single parent from Madison, WI. My grandpa has been a big, big support system in my life.  My best friends’ parents always pushed me to thrive.  I found light when I found this program.  My decision to be a cook motivated me to join Just Bakery.  I want to go to college for Culinary Arts when I am finished.  I am an independent, strong-minded being.  I don’t judge anyone and am open to learning different things no matter what!   I struggle with being a single parent. My son is two years old, my little honey bun!  He always helps me get through ANY tough day.  My partner is a big supporter in my life.  He shows me the meaning of loving and accepting yourself everyday.  I plan on furthering my career in cooking and opening up a cafe.  I’ll either call it Shimi or Lanna Monae Cafe.  I would also love to get into some one on one peer support programs to help others.  I want people to see me as a caring, loving, good mother, fantastic cook, and understand that just because someone comes from a place where they are damned from the beginning doesn’t mean you give up.  I thought it would be impossible to keep pushing, but as you can see, I am possible.”


“My name is Holly, I am 31 years old.  I decided to come to Just Bakery because I have seen my friend Anne change her life in so many positive ways since she started the program.  I don’t have any kids but my only sister died in 2016 and left two precious little boys.  They truly are my motivation.”


“My name is Kiel, I am 36 years old.  I’m from Hayward, WI.  I cam to Just Bakery to become ServSafe certified and to learn more about cooking.  I’m a painter and a musician.  I’m a recovering addict.  Some day, I’d like to own my own business and run youth work programs.  My joy in life is I often find myself mentoring people.  My surprise in life is that I’ve made it this far.  I see making a difference in the community and creating opportunities for those who struggle as a high priority.  I am a man of faith, so I have learned to never lose hope.”


Jatziry:  “Well, let’s see, I’m really outgoing, loud, and outspoken.  Sometimes when I see or feel like I can’t do it, I’ll just say f*** this and stop trying, but I don’t want to be like that.  I really want to do this program but I don’t know if I can handle this; I feel dumb and stupid and I just want to give up…but I don’t want to give up! Lately, my self-esteem and trusting myself is so bad- I just need to trust myself! I really do want to do this!”


“My name is Cody and I am in the Just Bakery class for the second time.  I am excited to get these other four certifications.  I have come a long way since my first class.  I originally came to Just Bakery to better my chances of getting a good job in food service, but have learned so much more about myself and am actually proud of myself for the first time ever.  The first time through I had no support, but now the Bakery has been there for me, I have my family back, and I have a great job coming up.  After I am done with class, I hope to go to Madison College for Culinary Arts.”

Kole is back as a tutor! Cody and Cindy can’t help but distract!


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