Goodbye 2018!

December has been a crazy month for Just Bakery.  Cody has officially graduated!  He will be coming back with the new class starting January 2nd for the full curriculum.  Cindy has been working extremely hard on ServSafe with Anne and it paid off!  She passed her test on Wednesday and is looking forward to finishing her missed kitchen hours to graduate in January!

This last year has been quite the adventure at Just Bakery.  We have worked with so many amazing people and have had the privilege of seeing so many of them go on to be successful in their own ways.

Our link with Madison College has given students an opportunity to go to college!

We opened up the Storefront for Success with Porchlight, which has been a dream of Just Bakery for many years.  We can’t wait to build that up in 2019.

Working with Jan from Project Respect was a real treat.  She is a great woman and does so much in the community.  Through our trauma-informed class, we all became better at working with people who have experienced trauma in ways that help them move forward without re-traumatization.  The skills we honed will be useful in all future classes, because the majority of our students have gone through trauma in their lives. We aim to be that safe place for them while still holding them accountable to being the best they can be.

We also had a youth cohort which was a whole new experience!  There are talks of doing another one in 2019 since they were so successful in the program!

Make sure you follow us on Facebook for upcoming events.  We are hoping to do a lot more in the Storefront for Success this year and utilize the space (and sell more baked goods!).

If you haven’t checked out our new site, do it:  This is going to be the best place to look for specials, upcoming class start dates, and how our program is growing.  It will also provide you with links to our shopify account where you can place orders online!

Thank you for your continued support of Just Bakery.  Our program could not exist without our supportive community.  If you’d like to know how to help, it’s easy!  Just buy our delicious baked goods! Every item we sell brings money directly back into the program.

We also frequently need school supplies!  Our students have a lot of books and a giant binder to carry, and we always need strong backpacks! (Re-read: Heavy Backpacks)

Things to look for in 2019: Gluten-sensitive cookies!!! Although we cannot guarantee gluten-free because we do not have a separate bakery, we are finally going to start some gluten-sensitive items (made without gluten but in an environment where gluten is around).  If you are into that idea, make sure to purchase them!  If they are a hit, it’s something we can continue doing! Thanks to JB 33 student Chris B. for showing Carmella how tasty they can be! (Re-read Nutrition Presentations!)

Thanks again!



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