Welcome to Cookietown, USA

“Hey, it’s Cody, and I’m back with a lot of fun things to tell everyone!

So I just got out of jail last week and it has been amazing, not only because I’m out, but we have been doing a lot at the bakery for the holiday season.  We have made thousands of cookies-literally.  We decorated sugar cookies, made buckeyes, the cookies with the Hershey kisses in the middle (Peanut Butter Blossoms), red velvet shortbread cookies, cranberry pistachio biscotti, toffee shortbread, and rosettes.

We have also been practicing how to make breads. We made multigrain, sourdough, and croissant dough.  The croissant dough was new for us to learn.  The process was a lot of rolling out the dough and folding it.  I would have to do it a couple more times to really get it down.   It has been very busy!

I have been here every day since I got out.  I worked the Storefront for Success on my own and that was fun.  Our graduation is coming up real fast too.  I have also started a job at Red Lobster and it has been fun doing both- it keeps me busy, but I have been super tired.  I need to stay busy though in order to stay successful.

Today we made more breads.  I am really starting to enjoy baking.  I thought that I wasn’t going to like the baking part, but I am really enjoying it.  We are down to only two people in our class so it has been kinda challenging trying to get all this stuff done, but we are working hard and learning a lot!”


We are running a special on the cookie boxes Cody was talking about!  Come into the Storefront for Success (1704 Thierer Rd Madison, WI 53704) Saturday, December 14 (tomorrow) to purchase! We will be doing two sizes: baker’s dozen at $10, three dozen for $25!  If you still need cookies for the holidays, make sure to come in!!!  Hope to see you there!

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