“Cody’s back with another week in the books.  We are almost done with ServSafe: 1 chapter left and we take our big test next week.

We are doing our food science presentations on Monday.  It was very interesting researching and learning about our subjects.

In the kitchen this week, we made a bunch of pies, cookies, and bread.

Over the weekend, a couple of us went to Blackhawk churches all over Madison to talk about the Just Bakery program and that was a lot of fun!

On Tuesday we had an awesome Thanksgiving meal with everyone.  It was great!  We went around and talked about the things we are thankful for and then we ate a bunch of food!  Carmella’s stuffing was the best in my opinion.

We are off for the next couple of days which I’m sure the teachers are excited for.  I can’t wait to come back next week and finish up ServSafe and take the test! Then we will be in the kitchen the rest of the time, continuing to learn how to bake and put what we learned in class to the test.  Till next time, peace out!”

Here’s some of what we talked about in our Giving Thanks portion of the Thanksgiving meal!


“I’m thankful for my mom being so supportive of me in everything I do.  I’m thankful for being sober.  I’m thankful for the Just Bakery program for giving me a great opportunity to better myself in many different ways.  I am also thankful for Carmella for helping me see a lot of truths about myself and for providing me with great resources to continue bettering myself.”



“I’m thankful for getting to do my job and for the support of my boss and MUM.  I’m thankful for my partner helping keep my stress down so I can do the best job possible.  I’m thankful for Anne, my other teacher, for being able to take some of this curriculum off my hands and her unique perspective with the students (and for cleaning up my desk when it gets too out of control!).  I’m thankful for all the classes we’ve had this year through the transition to the new curriculum- especially the first couple that were the guinea pigs while we mastered all the new information.  Learning with each class has helped us make getting all this information into their brains easier and more fun!”



“I’m thankful for my kids.  My job; being here. Being able to work with the students.”





“I’m thankful to know dreams do come true.”



“I’m thankful for my friends and family, the way they all support me.  I’m also thankful for the Just Bakery and the classes they teach.”



“My job. Being alive.”



A big shout-out to all the community members who donated food so our students could enjoy a fantastic Thanksgiving feast!  The majority of the students are currently incarcerated, so all that home-cooked food was such a treat!


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