Weather Getting Colder, but the Kitchen is Warming Up!

“Hey, it’s Cody again, checking in.  This week was amazing.  On Monday, we took our midterm for ServSafe and I am super happy with my score: 90%!  Everyone else did pretty good as well.


We are starting our off-site project which we get to make up our own business based on three different categories.  I have catering, Jacob is doing a food truck, and Cindy has a food tent.  These have so far proven to be a little difficult.  I feel we will have fun once we get going on them.

We have a final research project on the 26th for science.  These have been very fun and interesting.  I’m doing mine on “What Type of Eggs Should You Buy?”, Jacob is doing his on eating dirt, and Cindy is doing organic vs non-organic meat.  We have been working really hard on them.

We are still working on ServSafe and getting close to our final test we have on the 30th.  We are getting better in the kitchen too.  This week, we made cookies and more cookies, as well as pies: pecan, sweet potato, and caramel apple (available for purchase now through December for the holidays- place your orders on our shopify, link below).  It’s finally getting fun in there! I’m looking forward to getting more things done in the kitchen!  Til next time!”


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