Always Learning

We finally have a JB 34 journalist to fill you in on the happenings!

“Hey, I’m Cody.  I’m in the Just Bakery program because I am currently incarcerated and was offered an opportunity to better myself.  We are learning ServSafe, food science, baker’s math, and hands-on baking in the kitchen.


We just started in the kitchen this week.  Day one is an overview, and on our second day we made pumpkin spice coffee cakes and chocolate chip cookies.  They were delicious!

We have been speeding through the ServSafe.  I’ve worked in the food industry for 15 years and there is a lot of stuff I never knew.  It’s very insightful.  Everybody is doing very well on the quizzes and we have a midterm coming up that is kinda nerve-wracking; gotta study!


In science we have learned a lot about proteins, sugars, milk, flour, and eggs.  We watched a very sad video on how chickens are housed and kept- it makes you think about where you get your eggs from.  I think science is one of the hardest subjects to learn.

We have also been participating in a group called the Phoenix group where we talk about navigating through life productively and responsibly.  It is very eye-opening for a lot of us.

We have also learned a lot about renting an apartment and the laws and rights that go with it, thanks to Melinda from Tenant Resources who came to speak with us yesterday.

Emily, our great intern here, has taught us a lot about employment things like making a resume, writing a conviction statement, and we are going to be learning about interviewing next week.

We are always busy here, but it has been amazing so far and we can’t wait to learn and do more!”

And now for a check-in on JB 33 in the kitchen!  Our journalists were both recently released from jail and are getting situated in their homecoming, so we had Chris B. step in and talk a little about this week.  Congrats to Virginia and Chris F.!  We hope to see you guys back in action here soon!

“Hi, I’m Chris and I’m a student from JB 33.  Our class is the first class that passes all five tests!  We all worked very hard and long hours to get them!

We went to MUM’s strategic planning  meeting on Monday and it was very interesting.  It was long but fun! We made rockets to show what happens when things are clear and consistent, and learned how collaboration works, which related to the information we learned in Management and Supervision.   We got to offer our perspectives on the top three things that we felt MUM should work on next. (After MUM reviewed all the options, one of the students ideas was actually voted in as something to work towards!!)


This week in the kitchen we did more cookies and learned how to make pumpkin coffee cakes.  We also made white bread and multigrain bread for Saturday’s production team to bake off.  This was the first time we made bread and it was interesting!  Everyone got their hands in there to learn it!


The new class, JB 34, has joined us in the kitchen and we showed them how to make cookies.  We really enjoyed having the new class in and being able to show them what we have learned so far.

It’s been another great week!”


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