Results are in…

This was Final’s Week for JB 33 where they took their last three tests and I’ll let Virginia fill you in on the news:

” We have passed all 5 tests!!!!!

This has been an amazing experience.  We have learned management, supervision, controlling costs, nutrition, and servsafe as well as baking, life skills, peer support, and just pure education and knowledge.  What we have accomplished will better our lives.  I can’t thank Jaclyn, Anne, Carmella, Leia, Ken, Tyrees, Jim, Emily, Andrea, and of course, MUM enough for being so supportive, motivated, productive, and willing!  Willing to teach us, deal with us, show us, and willing to fight for us to the end.

Just Bakery is awesome and changed our lives forever!! I just wanna cry!!!”

And now for a little bit on what else has been going on this week:

Chris with the kitchen update:

“We have been learning more and more every day from Big Jim!  We now know how to make croissant dough, danish dough, and how to layer the dough.  We also made beautiful raspberry topped tea cookies.

Those were the best cookies I’ve tasted in a long time.  I’ve also never dipped so many cookies in my life but they turned out so perfect!”

MUM is doing some strategic planning right now to figure out a specific direction for the next 5 to 50 years!  We wanted to get a participant perspective, and our students are extra unique in their current and previous incarceration experience.  They are our “Dream Team”.  Virginia will fill you in on that process:

“All of my peers and the community people we went out and interviewed had advice and input on these plans.  We suggested Adult Mentoring, Young Adult Life Skills, and Second Chance Housing.  We need more help out here with the adults and young adults.  It’s amazing that there are programs out here for people struggling with addiction, mental health, and trauma, but not for people that don’t necessarily have those issues; some people just don’t know how or what to do and when to do things.  We have some plans and I think it will be great to discuss them with the MUM staff.  Thank you for getting our opinions!”


And a check-in with JB 34:

The students have been flying through their ServSafe and Math units and are starting in the kitchen next week!  They will also finally be coming to the bakery full-time, Monday through Friday, which will definitely make it more real.  In science this week, we went over flour and leavening, made gluten, and will be starting our Sourdough Starter next Wednesday!  Nothing like raising your little sourdough pet so you can bake it into something delicious!

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