Nutrition Presentations!

This week has been the last calm week for JB 33.  They are starting Finals Week next week with Nutrition test on Monday, Controlling Cost on Wednesday, and ServSafe on Friday.  These guys have been working so hard!  We did the Supervision test this week and the majority of the students passed!

In addition to studying for all the tests, we also have them do a Nutrition Final Presentation where they take any topic that relates to the Nutrition book, research it, and present to their fellow students as well as some folks from the community.  This round we had the Nutrition tutor, Eve, show support, as well as Carolyn, who is working with MUM on strategic planning, her mother, and Carmella all join to watch!

The presentations were fantastic- the recipes some of the students made have given Carmella some new ideas in bran muffins (surprisingly tasty…) and gluten-sensitive chocolate chip cookies!  We also had a student make protein bars- his were no bake, but we would like to test drive a couple baked options!  The students will now tell you what they presented on:

Chris F.:

” My nutritional presentation was on protein: what are the roles of protein, the benefits of whey protein, and what happens if the body doesn’t get the right amount of protein.  Just how important is protein?  It basically builds all the parts of our body!  How much protein does a person need to maintain current body (.5 grams/ lb of bodyweight) and how much you need for muscle growth (.9 grams/lb).  This particular whey protein is a great source of nutrients and a great way to lose weight.  So get your protein!”

Chris B:


” I did my nutrition project on gluten and celiac disease.  I learned that gluten not only affects people with celiac disease but it also has effects on men and women’s hormones beause of the lack of nutrients the body is getting.  I also learned that it effects the growth of children and teens with celiac disease.  It turns out gluten is in everything from foods to vitamins and medications.  I learned so much from this project and I’m definitely going to be looking at gluten differently!”


“My presentation was based on fiber!  Fiber helps lower risks of Type II diabetes, cancer, alzheimers, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, along with heart problems, digestive syste, bloating, and surprisingly, it’s anti-aging!  American guidelines recommend women/men get 28 grams of fiber daily.  I made bran muffins with raspberries.  They had almond milk, egg, whole wheat flour, bran, brown sugar, sugar, and fresh raspberries.  One of these muffins can get you half your daily fill for fiber!  Restaurants are not giving you enough fiber.  Two fruits that have a good amount of fiber are raspberries and pears.  Also some other foods to be aware of are sweet potatoes, avocados, green peas, and beans.  Get your daily fiber in: it’s healthy, keeps you full, and lowers risks of several diseases!”



“Mushrooms? Nutritious?! Well, they are!  Especially Lion’s Mane.  This mushroom can kill cancer cells, help with depression and anxiety, improve memory, and in lab studies with mice given a lethal dose of the bacteria Salmonella Typhi, the mice survived after being fed these mushrooms!



” Intermittent fasting is the practice of abstaining or reducing the consumption of food for short periods of time.  It has benefits for mental health, hormones, and diseases.  There are three common types: 8/16 method, 24 hour fast, and 5:2 prototcol.”

JB 33 continues learning in the kitchen!  This week they made truffles, cream cheese chocolate chip muffins and bread, in addition to the regular cookies and their own projects!

JB 34 this week has continued to move through their ServSafe books and have started working on resumes.  They are excited to start coming Monday-Friday after next week!  Jan from Project Respect also came in and made goop with the students.  This exercise is helpful in quieting the brain and focusing on the here and now.  Plus, it’s just fun!

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