First Test: Completed.

We’ll start this week with a check-in with Chris and then follow with some introductions to a couple of the new students!

“Congrats to the class: we all passed our management tests! And the book bag gets lighter.


The kitchen has been a learning experience.  Thanks to Big Jim (is this his new nickname?!), he has been amazing teaching and being supportive and patient with us.  I’ve learned so much already in just two short weeks.  Thanks Jim!

Look at them cookies!  We made these for the trick-or-treating on State Street next Wednesday.  We will be having a cookie decorating event at Short Stack Eatery.  We had so much fun making them!

There’s never a dull moment with us; look at how productive we are!

Stress is high!  We have another test on Monday: Supervision here we come.  We got this guys, good luck!  Preparation for nutrition final projects this week is packed full of fun.  Is anyone else nervous, or just me?”

Chris interviewed one of the other student’s, Alex, to see how he’s feeling about things so far:

Words from Alex:


I felt confident and ready for the management test thanks to our awesome teachers Jackie and Anne.  Cost is my worry at this moment; so many formulas.  The kitchen is moving!  A lot more work than expected.  A little nervous going into the kitchen, but things are moving smoothly.

And now for some introductions to JB 34:



“I am Jacob.  I’m 23 years old and have had a troubled past between my parents getting a divorce when I was 7 and having bipolar depression.  Dealing with problems as a child was rather difficult- I went to several doctors and psychologists and all of them had no idea what was troubling me and had a hard time identifying what I had.  I was finally off all my medications in middle school.  When I started paying attention, I was really good at science, social studies, and history and by eighth grade I made the honor roll.  Halfway through freshman year in high school, I started struggling again and made the wrong choices and started getting in trouble with the law.  Now six years later, I plan on getting everything in my life back in order.  In my free time, I enjoy snowboarding and bmx biking and also hiking up and down hills.  Now I plan to get my ServSafe and possibly working in culinary arts in the future.”


“My name is Cinderria. I’m from Chicago, IL.  This is also called Auburn Gresham.  I will start with the love I have for my home state.  Their food is almost two times better taste-wise than Madison.  We have a restaurant, Portillo’s, and they have the best italian beefs in the world.  Don’t mean to brag but we would go as a family every other Saturday each month.  What brought me to Madison from Chicago?  I was willing and choosing to go down the wrong path.  My family, scared for my life, shipped me to WI.  They closed their doors and didn’t let me in.  I felt lower than the ground.  What brings me to Just Bakery?  Hope!  I was given the short end of the stick.  I really want to become educated for myself. I love to learn.”

Make sure to come into the Storefront for Success, 1704 Thierer Rd, this Saturday.  Our excess is your benefit: each purchase will get a lemon tart until we run out! See you there 8:00-2:00!  And don’t forget to check us out on State Street Wednesday, October 24 at Short Stack Eatery! There will be crafts and it’s only $2.50 per cookie to decorate!!


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