Doubled Up Class, Doubled Up Fun!

“It’s been an awesome week: Class 33 is in the kitchen!  We are learning about measurements: pints, cups, gallons, fluid ounces, and pounds.  We have already baked cream cheese chocolate chip muffins, tea cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and banana nut bread. We’ve also been learning about our different flours, sugars, and flavors.

This week for Nutrition has also been an experience.  We’re learning how to keep nutrients in our vegetables (steaming is the best, but microwaving and stir-frying are also good).  When boiling and frying vegetables, we lose a lot of nutrients (fat-soluble dissolve in fats such as oil, and water-soluble dissolve in water).

We did presentations on food safety this week.  Made up titles for our businesses.  We were either catering, food tents, or food trucks and making them FSA approved.  Anne ran us over with questions but it was worth it! We all did great and understand what you need to run a food business.

Leia brought us in strawberry and berries kettle corn and Ken brought in a giant bag of butter popcorn that we want to live in.  These guys are really supportive, and teach us hands-on and give great advice!

Intern for scale. We made it halfway through this in a week!

We are studying for everything! But we take our management test next week, 10/17.  We are ready and going to pass!

More Management role play fun!

We are halfway through the Just Bakery Program!”

Thanks for the update Virginia!  Also this week, we have overlapped with another class: JB 34!  This is another trauma-informed group for us and they are going back to our old curriculum: ServSafe, Baker’s Math, and Baker’s Science with Employment in class as well as the Life Skills.  We will introduce you to them next week!

Make sure you check out our new website!  We are hoping to combine all of our parts into one in the near future!  This site will allow us to keep folks updated on upcoming events, ordering online, and information about us all in one location!  We will also be transitioning to having our blog there as well, which should officially move over at the start of 2019.  Meanwhile, it is up and running so make sure to check it out and order some of our delicious baked goods!

Learning how to use the new website!

And if you are in the Madison-area, Short Stack Eatery downtown on State Street is giving us their space so we can do a Halloween cookie decoration event! Decorating cookies isn’t just for Christmas, folks!  Wednesday, October 24 from 3:00-6:00 and only $12.  You can find more information and sign up through our eventbrite page: Halloween Cookie Decorating with Just Bakery

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