Coming Together

Chris F. is taking over the blog this week!

Four weeks and two days…the mountain of homework keeps getting higher and higher! My book bag feels like it’s filled with rocks instead of books!

Anne passed out “off-site presentations” for us to practice the flow of food and how to prepare safer food, what you can do and what you cannot do.



Does anybody else think Cost has way too many formulas? Cause chapter 4 looked like a foreign language to me with all those numbers!



King Gallon: This king has too many problems if you ask me: one queen would give me enough headaches and he has four!  I don’t know how he’s so happy…look at that smile.

King Gallon has four Queens (4 Quarts), each Queen has two princesses (2 pints) and each princess has two cats (2 cups)

Did you know the internet has nutrition calculators? You learn something new every day! Just type in your ingredients, select the number of servings, and watch the nutrition facts add up!


As a group we keep getting closer and learn different things about each other like our struggles, strengths, and goals.  This was the focus this week in Life Skills with Carmella. My struggles are changing my way of thinking and becoming the man I know I can be.  My strengths are that I’m always positive and a great leader and motivator.  My goals are to open my own business and be the man I’ve always dreamed about being and giving my son the father he deserves.



Happy 10 months sober to Chris!  I asked him, ” How is life now verses then?”  He says, “I can think clearer and happier now cause I feel like I have a purpose in life.  My family is so much happier and I feel like we’ve created a better relationship and they give me so much support- I don’t know what I would do without them. ”


One step at a time man.  Congrats on your accomplishment and keep it up!

Friday afternoon is ServSafe review time and we got to play fun games this week!





Congrats to this weeks drawing winners, Virginia and Kole!


Check back next week to see how JB 33 does in the first week of kitchen!  We’re also starting an overlapping trauma group next week. It’s always busy over here on Thierer Rd!

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