Learning from the Graduating Class 32

JB 33 has wrapped up their third week and is moving onto the fourth, where readings will be long and many!  The group is getting into the swing of things are starting to figure out how to work together. They will need a be a well-oiled reading machine next week and adjust again once they start working together in the bakery in two weeks!  Virginia can fill you in on some happenings this week:

“While doing Week 3, class 33 reviewed Chapter 5 in Management and Supervision.  Kole, Chris B. and Chris F. and Josh acted out explaining basic communication skills, coaching, and challenges for restaurant and foodservice managers.  They were absolutely in character mode and had fun doing it!



Also, I want to thank our tutors for coming this week to work with us!  I learned how to use a method for testing after getting frustrated at some of the quizzes.  I was taught to       1. Know what I’m reading

2. Circle and underline what’s being said in the question

3. Try to mark off the ones I know the answer couldn’t be

Thank you ladies for being so awesome!”

On Friday, JB 32 had their graduation!  Five of the original ten graduated from the Just Bakery program!! We handed out their ManageFirst certificates from passing the tests, as well as a Just Bakery certificate thanking them for the hard work and dedication they put into this program and how proud we are of them for making it through.  JB 32 was a trauma focused group, so everyone in it has dealt with trauma in their lives, much of it ongoing.  With all the extra challenges that they faced during their time, it is extra impressive to have the success they had!  This group was so motivated to make it through and part of that was facing the trauma they’ve experienced and work through issues that come up.  We really are so proud of everyone!  And thank you to all the friends and family who were able to come and celebrate this achievement!

The graduating class gave the current group some advice to make it through the program: Keep going, it’s not forever-it’s 12 weeks and the homework will end, use the supports and talk about things when they come up!20180928_121535


And now for Sonja’s final blog (noooooo!!!!):

Bakers blog week 12
“Wait… what just happened? That was my reaction making pie filling this week with Jim. As a pie maker myself, I’ve made a lot of pies, I mean A LOT of pies, but I’ve never made pie filling like this before. We heated water, butter and sugar in a saucepan on the stove, we threw together some things I never heard of into a bowl, added the hot water/butter/sugar mixture to the mysterious starch and water concoction, gave it a whisk and VOILA! We have cream pie filling. Amazing, just when I thought I knew so much.
Well, here we are at week 12, this is it, the end. We learned so much and we grew so much. I conquered some fears and challenges, and 5 big tests. It’s kinda surreal to be finished, this has been such a big part of my life the last 12 weeks. But I’m thinking that this has just been an end to one chapter, with another about to begin. Our class has come and gone now and I hope we’ve left a mark, just as they have left a mark in our hearts forever ❤️ Thank you all for this extraordinary journey. “

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