That Time Again!

JB 33 has entered the building!  The official “first day” will be Monday, but they came in early Thursday and Friday to start some paperwork and the getting to know each other process.  It takes a lot of guts to be able to be open with a group of strangers, so it’s really important for us all to take the time to get to know each other.  Everyone can start to grow their support system through the people they meet at the bakery, and a good support system is key to success, especially after incarceration.

Besides paperwork, rules, and the syllabus, we started a couple team building exercises to start…building the team!

This is one where one student describes a picture and the other one must draw it from the description.

We also had the students do some personal goal setting using a concept they will learn about soon: SMART goals.  When you make goals, they should be specific, measurable so you know what success looks like, achievable, relevant, and timebound.  The students all wrote letters to their future selves that they will get back at the end of the three months and can see if they were able to achieve them!


We also want to continue doing the raffles each week so students can get a little bonus for doing well.  This group has primarily Huber students, so the extra challenge is deciding what prizes they would like that can be completed (or eaten) here since they won’t be able to take stuff back with them.  Some that they came up with today include getting to choose someone to do push-ups and getting to paint someone’s face. It shall be an interesting raffle!

And now a note from “Jim and his Minions”!  Sonja and the JB 32 crew are kitchen only, but she has taken time out of her busy busy schedule to update you on what they did this week!

“These are the voyages of JB class 32… boldly going where no baker has gone before… well maybe other bakers have gone before…..
Here we are, week 9, no more classroom. A new group of students have taken over our space in the classroom, but we are on to bigger things. This week was a little weird, feeling free from homework and tests. And now that the Taste is Madison is done, we can focus on learning a wider range of things to bake and that’s really exciting!

It is also September, so you know what that means, PUMPKIN flavored everything. We made pumpkin bars, muffins and bread. Amazing! We made a cream cheese filling that is baked in for the muffins and bread with a crumble topping.

We made sourdough bread, my first time making that, so you know that I was amazed at the whole process. Only four ingredients! One of them called a “starter”, which smells funky and it’s kinda like a science project of ingredients that makes sourdough… sourdough. We also made some delicious smelling dough for garlic cheese rolls. Whole grain bread, and of course plenty of cookies.

We scoop so many cookies, literally hundreds, that we’ve made up nicknames. We have Scoopie, a Scoopervisor, and a Scooperintendant.

Wow! Did we ever learn a lot this week, we spent time with Jim, Leia, Ken and Benny. For as much work as it is, we sure have a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to what we will be doing next week.”

Check out our blog next week for an introduction to the new students! 


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