Over the Moon

Eights weeks later, we’ve now taken all our tests, did all of our homework, presented our projects, packed up our stuff and gave the classroom a good spit-shine for the new class coming in next week. We studied hard, we laughed, we cried, hugged and even yelled like a family. After 8 weeks of time spent like this, we really are a family. Sometimes we drove Jackie nuts with all of our SHENANIGANS (thank you to Justin), and we tried to keep it serious when played study games (sorry Annie for the crazy outbursts during the ServSafe game). Benny filled our bellies with cookies and baked treats, and Porchlight fed us a feast almost everyday.

Carmella brought us tasty lunch from Which Wich and mediated our sometimes heated discussions during Life Skills when we had to share our feelings. Carmella also had to be our voices in dealing with “the system” and advocate on our behalf.  If you’ve ever seen Carmella “advocate”, then you know she will always give 150%.
We’re not leaving yet, we still have four weeks of doing “hard time” in the bakery, where we will be soaking up lots of great lessons from Jim and David, and hopefully get to work more with Ken and Leia. I joke about the “hard time”; I love being in the bakery.
We all have so many opportunities in front of us thanks to Just Bakery, because of the education we received, the mentoring and the connections they have with businesses all over the Madison area.

Speaking for myself personally now, I am over the moon excited that I finished this part of the program. At 47 years old, it’s been a while since I’ve been in the classroom, so I didn’t know how I would do with hitting the books again, doing MATH which really gave me anxiety, and testing. Honestly, even though the homework just about killed me because I work 2 jobs, and the heavy backpack weighed me down everyday, I found it easy to grasp the concepts of all our lessons and remember the important stuff.  I know I have to be the one to take responsibility for my own learning, but without great instructors, I don’t know that I would have been able to absorb all that in such a short amount of time. We stuck to a schedule (which wasn’t always so easy to do, because you know, life happens). Things were broken down for us into micro lessons until we all got it. Creative study tools always. There were incentives for us at the end of the week for getting our homework done and participating and showing up. I passed all of my tests, though I stressed out about it, I passed with high grades, and I couldn’t be more proud, and grateful to the entire community at Just Bakery and MUM.
It’s been a pleasure for me to write the classroom blog for the last 8 weeks, and maybe you’ll hear from me again with a Baker’s Blog… Jim and his Minions…



As a side note from an instructor’s point of view, Just Bakery 32 has been a wonderful experience.  These folks were extremely dedicated and worked their tails off!  Could not be more proud on the success each of these lovely human beings have found in the classroom!  

Make sure you come visit us at the Taste of Madison downtown this Saturday and Sunday!  We’ll have:

Lemon Tarts, Cookies, and our award-winning Turtle Brownies!

Booth 53! 

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