Feeling Change in the Wind

Week 7, one more week in the classroom. The homework is practically nonexistent, but the tests are very real. On Monday we took our Supervision test. That’s 2 tests down and 3 more to go and all 3 tests are next week. Once we finished our test, we started working hard on our Nutrition presentations.  Jaclyn was gone half of the week with a Peer Support training she’s doing, so Carmella was in the classroom with us.

Tuesday in the bakery we made more preparations for Taste of Madison. We will be focused on preparing for that in the bakery. I also had some time alone in the bakery, making something for my nutrition project. I have to say it was pretty exciting firing up that big oven.
Friday was the big day! We spent the morning doing mock interviews with Janelle from Short Stack Eatery. I had to ask if they were actually hiring because I think they’re a great business, and they give back to the community. More options when I’m done at Just Bakery (though I never want to be done).

And finally the day had arrived for our Nutrition presentations, our anxieties were through the roof, but we pushed through it and we all did a great job.

Justin went first and explained how veganism is a healthier lifestyle and made a great vegan apple pie.

justin pie

Linda went next and talked to us all about Diabetes and how our diets can make it better or make it worse.

I followed Linda with my comparison of the American diet vs the Norwegian diet, and I made Knekkebrød (Norwegian crisp bread).

And to finish, Tenishia explained to all of us the importance of protein in our diets. I think it all went really well, and it’s a relief to have accomplished that. Our guests enjoyed the presentations and asked a lot of questions and seemed engaged.

As we wrapped up this week, as I said in the title, I can feel the winds of change and our program coming to an end. I’m so full of information, and my heart is full with gratitude for Just Bakery and every person involved in the program.

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