Did you know…

Well, this was an exciting week!  Monday we got our bakers coats and you know what that means….


Tuesday we had our first day in the bakery!  We are being taught by Jim.  He’s a baker with lots of years of experience, mostly at La Brioche.  He’s full of all kinds of cool information: did you know canola oil is not from a canola plant? Canola oil is actually named canola because it’s from Canada!

We learned all the different types of flours, and what makes them work best for certain recipes.  We also learned about the different sugars: did you know that brown sugar is brown because of the molasses in it?

We talked about the varieties of yeasts available, and my favorite part was learning about all the different vanillas and vanilla flavorings there are…oh the possibilities! It was a day of being touchy feel-y with the flours, sugars, and yeasts and I have so many questions!

Thursday we were back in the kitchen and learned how to scale different ingredients and we cranked out dozens of carrot cupcakes and morning glory muffins.

We’ve been fortunate all week because Porchlight has been inviting us over to share their lunch with us.  Delicious and it came in handy the days I forgot my lunch.  I think that’s so nice of them and it’s always a great spread.

We are plugging away with our studies.  Felt like doing the happy dance because we finished with the Management book.  We take our first test next week, but it feels amazing to have completed that, and it makes my backpack a little lighter 🙂


Janie, from MUM, came in to check on us and have our Phoenix group.  We discussed how we are doing personally and how we are progressing in our studies.  We’ve all spent so much time together in the last month, it’s easy for us to share with everyone how we are feeling.  Jan, from Project Respect, stopped in again this week- she’s been working on tools and flashcards to help us study for our upcoming exams.

Friday we finished our Supervision books!  More happy dancing! We also presented our ServSafe projects where we had to have a tent, food truck, or catering event and explain how we kept the flow of food safe.

Was a great week, and it was fun to have our time in the kitchen; feeling like true bakers!

Thank you, Sonja, for sharing your week with us! Check back next week to see how the first test went and what else the students are learning in the kitchen!

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