Welcome JB Class 32!

Class 32’s first week of Just Bakery flew by!  We are trying a couple new things for the first week of class this round: Team Building and Study Skills.  The hope is that helping the students get back into the swing of school work and creating the team atmosphere is going to allow them to have more success in the program.

Andrea has been working hard on designing the Team Building exercises.  She made one where each student got a small portion of a picture to draw in a full scale size, and then they have to work together to decipher the puzzle and get the pieces together.

They also played a version of telephone where the person at the front looks at a picture and has to describe it to the person behind them, and so on.  The last one in the line has to draw the picture on the board.

We looked at a lot of different study skills to try to pick the ones that we thought would most benefit the students. Tuesday was dedicated to going over these skills. Since we have a lot of reading in the program, we had them review how to figure out what is important information while reading texts.  Using these tips will help them decipher what the main points are in the books.

We also went over time management and scheduling since the readings tend to take a good chunk of time to get through and it is important to schedule in when you will best be able to take the time to read them.

And last but not least, Andrea went over some tips for taking tests.  We have a lot of quizzes to get through, and, of course, the big tests at the end.  These tips were specific for multiple choice tests, such as thinking of the answer before looking at the options so you don’t get confused.

Unrelated to study skills, we also did a goal setting activity where each student wrote a letter to themselves for a time capsule that they will get back on their last day!


On Thursday, River went over some Stress Management techniques.  The students did a guided relaxation and watched a TEDTalk on the effects of stress.  Everyone really seemed to get a lot out of the relaxation, so hopefully that will be something they can use in the future!

They have started the first three books this week as well!  Management, Supervision, and ServSafe are all on the way!  Next week they will start the last two, Nutrition and Controlling Foodservice Costs.  Not surprising, we have kept them busy!

We are also doing weekly raffle drawings, and each time the students arrive to class on time, have all their homework done upon arrival, and participate in class, they get a raffle.  Every day they have all three complete, they are entered into the Rock Star raffle for a $30 gift card!

Sonja, Sharricka, Jamie, and Justin won prizes in this weeks raffle!

And now an introduction to a couple of our students:

“Hello, I am Jamie and I honestly love and highly enjoy baking.  I love the creativity and level of expression that can come through in baking. I am a mother of two wonderful kids and love watching them learn and grow.  School is where I strive for greatness and I thrive in learning atmospheres!  If I get free time, I enjoy arts and crafts projects, photography, and reading.  I hope to one day open/own my own bakery (and delivery service).  I am on a journey of self discovery so please be patient with me.”


“My name is Linda and I am originally from Milwaukee.  Moved to a small town in Michigan when I was 15 years old.  Good experience;formed many life long friends.  I’m 58 years old and a mother of one with five grandchildren.  Took care of my husband for 12 years (now in a highly skilled nursing home) and I’m at the point of getting back into the workforce.  I have had (and still have) many struggles.  I struggle with major depression, PTSD, anxiety, and panic attacks with a little OCD thrown in just to make it more fun.  My son and grandchildren have and always will be my greatest joy.  (Hopefully) In my future I see myself as a baker at a company with people who motivate and make work a fun yet professional place.  I love art and being creative and hope to bring this to my new profession.”


“My name is Justin; I’m from Burlington, WI and spent most of my life in WI.  I’m 25 years old and have only two very important people in my life.  My sister, Alyssa, and my girlfriend, Katie, who I’ve known for 14 years.  They are my world and I protect them with everything I got. My struggles are accepting myself for who I am and I tend to judge myself a lot.  I joined Just Bakery because I want to realistically own my own franchise one day.  My joys are my little family, nature adventures, and riding my bike.  In the future, I see myself as an independent business owner and an amazing husband.  I want to be the type of owner who looks beyond people’s flaws and past to ensure they have a brighter future.  This is me, and I’m loving life!”

“My name is Tenishia.  I am a 42 year old African American female and a mother of eleven.  I struggle with many things in my life that I am trying to overcome.  I am in the Just Bakery program to get a new start on life.  I realize sometimes you have to crawl before you walk.  I am ready to live a quality life and reach my goals and dreams.  I got this.”

Check back next week to meet the rest of our class!

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