Last Class Week for JB 31

This week was filled with testing!  The students took their Nutrition, Costs, and ServSafe tests.  These tend to be the most difficult tests to learn and study for, and the students put in a lot of effort.  And these students made it to the end!  They stuck through all the readings and homework and “super fun” activities we did in class and made it to the last day of classroom.  That, in itself, is an accomplishment!

This week has been busy in other ways beyond testing.  We had a birthday party for Bennie on Monday, which was a great way to start out the week!  The interns went crazy on the balloons hanging from the ceiling (and later the confetti on the floor), a birthday boy pin, plenty of noisemakers, topped off with a pinata!  It felt quite successful for his first ever birthday party.




We’ve been working on employment skills throughout the week as well, with the cherry on top being a videotaped mock interview with Janelle from Short Stack Eatery.  We appreciate her coming down to do these so much!  With her experience in interviewing for her own very busy establishment and experience in the industry, she was a perfect interviewer for the students, and they got a lot out of it.


We also play some games with interviews to get the students comfortable talking.  This one is always a favorite, called “B.S.”, where they draw a subject they know nothing about but need to convince the room that they are experts on it.

In Financial Literacy, River worked more with the students on budgeting and a more thorough look into what all goes into that.  The students then did a couple budgeting activities to really try to figure it out.  This is definitely a complicated but important skill to develop.  They also talked about being a smart consumer and how advertisements work to sell people stuff which was a very interesting way to end the week!


On Thursday we had our Information Session for the upcoming class in July.  We had quite a large turnout which is bitter sweet revelation for a trauma focused group.  What this alerts us to is there is a tremendous need for trauma-informed programs.  We are very excited for the upcoming group; there appears to be quite a few highly motivated individuals coming in!

One thing we really want to start incorporating is tutors for the students, so if you or anyone you know might be interested in volunteering with our program as a tutor, please contact Jaclyn at  We want to have at least one tutor for each subject, and we can provide you with the materials.  The hours will be 3:00-4:00 Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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