Onwards and Upwards

This week has been quite busy for the students now that they have started in the kitchen!  Classroom has gone down to three days a week, and kitchen takes the other two.  So far in the kitchen they have learned cookies, quick breads/muffins, and all that goes into cleaning up a production kitchen!

In the classroom this week we covered a variety of topics.  In Nutrition we have moved on to the second part which is creating the healthy menu items and why it is important.  We’ve discussed ways to adapt the recipe to increase it’s nutrition while decreasing levels of saturated fats, added sugars, and sodium.

In Management, the students are learning about managing meetings (so your employees don’t dread them) and compensation programs to make sure your employees are receiving appropriate pay and raises when applicable.

The students have wrapped up the flow of food in ServSafe and gave presentations on different temporary units (food tents, mobile trucks, and catering events).  This assignment makes them consider these things in the real world and also is a great opportunity to review the major concepts in ServSafe.

For Controlling Foodservice Costs we’ve gone over different ways to control costs during receiving, storing, and issuing.  They have been learning and relearning how to take inventory and the different methods that it can be done in addition to why it is so important!

Last week we introduced you to our Employment and Financial Literacy intern, River, and this week we will introduce you to Andrea, our Case Management intern:

“Hello, I’m Andrea, I just graduated from UW – Madison and will be starting the part time Masters program in the fall. Interning at Just Bakery has been a great experience so far. I love seeing the students so motivated in class even though the universe keeps trying to knock them down. I have learned all from sitting in the class room and participating in some of the super fun activities with the students. I’m excited to see what the future hold for all of the Just Bakery students.”

Andrea conducted some short interviews with the students to see what everyone thinks of the program so far:



“What do you like about the program?”

-It’s fast-paced, challenging, you have to use your mind, and learning the vocab of food service.

“How do you feel about working with your classmates?”

-It’s challenging because you don’t really know each other and you have to share your personal space with someone.

“How do you feel about retaking?” Troy had a family member in the hospital and then broke his collar bone so he is going to focus on two of the subjects this round and come back for the next class.

-Eager and motivated.  Looking forward to it!

“What’s the hardest part?”

–Falling behind in work and the terminology that they use.



“What’s your favorite thing about Just Bakery?”

-The great experience of intellectual conversations and relationship built with the interns and teachers.

“What is the hardest part?”

-Staying focused when you have other stuff/people distracting you.

“What’s different from the 1st to the 2nd time through the program?” 

-I’m more determined and more focused on learning the important stuff.



“What’s your favorite part?”

-Baking and the people.

“What’s the hardest part?”

-Keeping up on the homework.

“What is something you have learned?”

-How to keep food at correct temperatures and properly supervise employees.


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