Time to Hand Out the Jackets!

It’s always fun to see the difference in the students after the first month.  They have been in the classroom Monday-Friday, trying to get back in the swing of learning and taking tests again.  Once we reach the end of the fourth week, it’s impressive how far they’ve come!  Quiz scores are up, class discussion is up, and students have found their groove!  Just in time to move into the kitchen!  This is where the time management we talk about comes into play.  Now, instead of covering a couple chapters each day, they will have to keep themselves on track and keep doing a couple chapters a night to lessen the homework load.  There is a big difference between two chapters a night and four the night before it’s due!  But they finally can break up the monotony of the classroom and get their hands in the dough!

We had two students graduate today from Class 30.  Congratulations Regina and Bennie!  They both passed their ServSafe and at least one additional test for ManageFirst!  Bennie is going to continue with us to earn hours towards his ManageFirst Credential, which is an additional certification that shows the extra learning and experience put in and hopes to join Madison College for their fall semester.  Regina was already a cake making master, but now can add commercial baking experience to her resume and is on the hunt for a job! We’re so proud of their dedication to the program and excited to see where the future takes them!


This week was cut a little short due to Memorial Day on Monday, so it’s been a little busier than normal (which is good preparation)!  The students are wrapping up on the flow of food, which looks at all the stages in food production, such as purchasing, receiving, storing, preparing, cooking, holding, and serving.  Each of these areas have a potential for contamination or abuse that can lead to foodborne illness, so it is important to know how to avoid it!  Over the weekend, the students will design a catering event and a food truck to review all of the flow of food and to think about these things in a real-life situation.

Class 31 has become quite cozy with it’s now two students.  The bonus of the smaller class is that each of the students get more time with the material, and if they are struggling, we can give more one-on-one instruction.  We’ve gone through creating master and crew schedules, had the students cost out one of our recipes, finished up the basics of nutrition, and started talking about the different laws that managers must know.  We have also introduced the baker’s math, which they will really learn hands-on in the kitchen next week!

TJ and Zack designing an 8 item salad bar to pack in as many vitamins and minerals as they can!

Our interns have been doing a great job so far.  They have appeared in the pictures taken by the students, but haven’t officially been introduced!  We have River who is working on employment items and financial literacy, and then we have Andrea who is our case management intern, who we will highlight in next weeks post.

“Hello! My name is River and I am a rising senior at Brandeis University studying psychology. I am originally from Madison and am back for the summer to intern at Just Bakery and work at Memorial Union! I am hoping to pursue a career as a correctional psychologist. I am here at Just Bakery because I have long been devoted to criminal justice reform, and programs like Just Bakery are extremely important to create positive change in the lives of its participants. So far, I have created many resource sheets on important parts of the employment process, and taught short workshops to participants! Just Bakery is an amazing program with wonderful staff, and I am thrilled to be a part of the team!”



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