Life Doesn’t Stop

Life has been coming at our students hard this round.  One student had a death in the family, another’s family member is in the hospital, student health scares- it has been a rough week.  There is lot that comes with death in addition to dealing with it on an emotional level.  If you struggle with addiction, there is a whole other concern to address: trying to find new ways to deal with stress instead of going back to the old ways.  This can be especially hard when you are still building your support system.

Through these trying times, though, our students have been determined to stay caught up.  Week 3 in the classroom is the last week before we peak into craziness, so it is imperative to stay on top of the chapters.  We’ve been working as a group to figure out the best way for everyone to learn and retain the information, and next week will tell us if we have figured out the balance!  If the students can make it through next week, they make it to the kitchen!


This week, one of our interns, River, went over cover letters with the students: what goes into them, formatting, corrections.  The students got to practice reviewing cover letters by looking for spelling and grammar errors, working with word choice, and correcting formatting issues.


Due to the holiday on Monday, we pushed through a couple extra chapters this week.  We covered how to keep your employees motivated and doing what you need them to do and the importance of communication within restaurants and foodservice operations.  We played a couple games that highlight the importance of proper communication, like telephone and, everyone’s favorite, “backwards basketball” (one student sits facing forward, another places the box somewhere behind them, and the thrower needs to get the paper ball into the box using directions from the class).

We also did some role play for coaching, which is an activity managers do to reinforce positive behaviors from employees, or to correct issues employees are having.

The students started the Controlling Foodservice Cost book which is pretty intimidating if you haven’t done math in awhile.  We’re trying to get everyone adjusted slowly into it with some basics and extra work with the chapters.

In Nutrition, they have almost made it through the first part which is learning the basic food components (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vitamins, minerals, and water) and their role in the body, as well as health issues that can come from not receiving enough to ingesting too much.  It’s very heavy on the science, so it can be challenging to break down.

In ServSafe, they have started the Flow of Food which is very important.  Anne is working in activities to ensure the students get the information but also breaks up the monotony of reading.

This program is a challenge and can be made extra challenging when life won’t let you be, but Class 31 is showing that they are committed to making it through whatever is thrown at them.


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