Tiring, Intriguing, and Hectic

Whew! The first two weeks of Just bakery class 31 have been tiring, intriguing, and hectic but all the while AMAZING! As Zack,a two time student of the amazing program, refers to the first weeks,  “It’s hell week!”. It’s the first two weeks that will either make you or break you, a statement that has definitely been proven to be true, but it’s worth it. Only once you “get out of you own way” (in the words of the wonderful Carmella Glenn-director of program), do you realize your own greatness, and through kindness, compassion, and monk-like patience, she, as well as our two awesome teachers Jaclyn & Anne, plan on helping us achieve such a transition.

I myself am very excited to see what is to come in the near future on this journey towards betterment of self, as well as seeing fellow students strive for greatness & redirection of the path on a somewhat rocky road.

Week one consisted of orientation, getting our syllabus, and an introduction to courses like “Hospitality and Restaurant Management”, “ServSafe”, and “Hospitality Human Resources Management and Supervision”. Week two, we completed our master applications, worked on resumes, attended a service fair hosted by MUM, and started our “Nutrition” course. It all goes pretty fast and there is much information to be retained, but I’m sure none of the effort & dedication put forth will be in vain. Week three; let’s get it!!


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