Appreciating the Outcomes

“This week we did a lot of baking!  We made muffins, cookies, and quick breads.  It was interesting to see how small amounts of ingredients turn into such big items.  We learned the creaming method, the fold in method, and the times and temperatures used to bake the items.  We also learned about the lot numbers of the ingredients.  These are important to know and record in case there is a recall on a product in the bakery item.

The work that goes into all of the products being produced is hard, but the outcome is so delicious and smells so good!  Baking is time consuming, yet so much fun!  It is a stress reliever for me.”


“This week in class was great!  We had reports to do on the set up and production in food tents, food trucks, and for catering events.  There is a lot that goes into this type of set up.  We also had some finals in class, and yes, it’s true, when you put in the time and effort you get a good result!


The baking part of the class is going well.  We learned how to do the the muffin technique for quick breads.  Not all bread and muffins are alike!  We also learned how to do cookies, buns, and how they are made, from prepping, cooking, and different methods for putting the ingredients together.

The best part is seeing your work come together in the final product.  Baking to me is a calming experience.  It teaches you consistency, quality, and how to follow standards.  You have to be precise and willing to do the work.  Its well worth it when you see taste, and smell what your hard work has produced!”


We played some games for Employment this week.  The topic was Interviews.  One of the games involves choosing a topic out of the basket that you know nothing about but talking about it like you do!  It’s a really fun way to warm up before moving into the real interview questions. Even the interns couldn’t resist taking a turn!

Students had time today to review some ServSafe after their midterm, and Zack had fun taking selfies with the camera…

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