How Time Flies!

Students playing Memory to study for their Supervision and Management tests next week.  There are a lot of laws and acronyms covered in those texts, so this is a fun way to review!

“This week in class, we learned about tracking inventory, the importance of following policies and procedures in all aspects, SOPs (standard operating procedures), creating emergency plans, and how to use these things to operate a successful business.

The students had presentations on off-site units-this assignment helps review everything learned in ServSafe so far, as they must tell us how they are protecting their food in every part of the flow of food for a food truck, catering event, or a food tent.

Yes, the work is hard, but the reward is worth it.  We have covered so much in such a short time.  It seems like yesterday I was walking in the doors for my first day of class.  Now we are almost to finals!  My, how time flies.

Speaking of time, this is our first week in the bakery.  We made our first batch of cookies, quick breads, and muffins.  To see all those ingredients come together and the final product being produced is very rewarding!”


Class 30 has shown us that they are all dedicated to being here.  They’ve been working extremely hard to stay ahead in the workload, and they all still manage to have great attitudes every time they walk in the class!  They have their first set of tests next week.  The good news is that they have gone down from five books to read to just three!  With the “extra” time in the classroom, they will be able to start researching for their science final presentations, which are always very interesting (and usually delicious)!


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