Conquering the Classroom

Class 30 has made it through the brutal first month of classroom only! Next week Tuesday they will have their first day in the kitchen to finally start the hands-on experience baking.  There will be an extra challenge of time management within the classroom days since we will be covering a lot more topics each day.  Staying on top of their work, readings, and presentations will be key to success.  But at least there will be kitchen days to break up the book learning!


Today also marks the official last day of Class 29.  Though we will still see most of them as they continue to work towards their 800 hours for the ManageFirst credential!  They have been doing a great job in the kitchen and we look forward to continuing to work with them!

For this weeks blog, I asked the students to write a little statement about their time in the classroom thus far, as well as Class 29’s experience through the whole program. We’ll start with Bennie with an overview of some of the things we learned this week.


This week in class was fun and exciting.  We learned about yeast and how to form a sourdough starter.  We named our sourdough starter Annie.  It’s like a living person; we have to feed it every day.  We also played some games to help us remember what was taught in class.  My favorite thing about this class is our teachers.  They do any and everything to give us the support we need.  They even take the one-on-one approach to ensure we learn and have a full understanding.  The work is hard, but if you do your part and ask questions, you’ll be okay.  This class leaves a lasting impression on you.

Thoughts so far:

Norman: I like the program. I’m glad to be learning about different things and its helpful.  Just too many things at once, I think.  Or maybe not.  Don’t like science! (As if he would ever let us forget….)

Regina:  This week in class we learned the steps to making sourdough bread.  I’m getting a little less stressed every day!

Zack:  Another week done and we start in the kitchen next week.  Lots of good things were learned about leavening, sourdough, eggs, and milk.  A couple of great presentations.  All great attitudes.  Can’t wait to come back after the weekend!

And for the departing class.

Maurice:  My experience was straight.  I learned a lot about Culinary Arts.  I recommend it to other people.

Jay:  It was a good experience.  It’s my second time through the program but it gave me a chance to re-learn and learn new material.  I’m a hands-on person, so I really enjoy being in the kitchen baking and seeing instant results in my baking abilities.  It’s best when the group comes together and gets along.  We have a real good time.


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