We’re well on the way!

The students of Class 30 have just wrapped up their third week in the classroom.  There is one more week to go until kitchen time, and the schedule shows it!  They have all completed the baker’s math portion in preparation for moving into the kitchen, and they are ready to move on to their 5th and final book: Controlling Food service Costs. We had a midterm on Nutrition since we are halfway through that book, and the majority of the students did quite well!  Now we’ll be moving on to the menu planning and adjusting recipes portion of Nutrition.

We also did a lot of Management and Supervision this week with the focus being talking to employees for progressive discipline procedures, termination, and retaining employees.  A lot of fun role play goes into these portions!

The group played a game of coaching!  The goal was for the group to direct the student throwing the paper to get the paper ball into a small box without looking.  They did a really good job!

And now, a word from the students:

“Well it’s week #3 and we have learned so much in baker’s math about making batches and loaves.  I have never been so excited to get to class and learn something new every day!  It is very stressful at times, but it hasn’t stopped me yet.  We all help each other so that makes it a lot easier to keep pushing through.  I go through my stages where I ask myself, “Why am I doing this again?”  Then you have those classmates that lets you know that giving up is not an option.

We are all doing very well thanks to all of the help and the volunteers.  I am so glad I stepped out on faith and went for this class-and maybe further!”



“In this class, learning is just one key principle to this course.  The things we learn we will later utilize in a career as a culinary expert.  But it’s the way in which we learn those things within the classroom.  The way we are being taught is fun, exciting, and refreshing.  Our teachers have found several fun ways to teach us the material that leaves an impact on you. One way is bingo.  This is not your typical bingo-Oh no no!! You get a free space (or the “sanitized space”) and the rest is like question and answer with the answers on the bingo card.  When you get bingo you have to explain the answers to go with the phrase on the space.

Yes, the class work is hard.  But our teachers make it easy and fun to learn.  My favorite is jeopardy.  It’s like normal jeopardy but with ServSafe questions.  It’s another way to learn your way through the courses being taught.  So yes, it’s hard, and you go over so much, and yes, you have homework every night.  But the way in which it is taught and the use of the games, you leave the class with a high morale and an understanding of the class and what’s being taught.”


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