Enjoying Work and Celebrating Success


“This week in class we went over Management, Baker’s Math, Nutrition and ServSafe.  This class is very intense on the classroom material.  The staff is nice and fully committed to ensuring we learn the lessons.  They provide personal as well as hands on learning.  The best part is not being judged for things you don’t know.

We’ve done projects on menus for nutritional value and how to adjust menus to increase nutrition.

Students picked a menu from our collection and create an advertisement or table tent highlighting the nutritious options on the menu from what was learned in nutrition.

They even utilize games to make sure you understand what is being taught.

Using different types of training to see what the best method was.  Mission: make a grilled cheese according to the “restaurant’s” SOP

This is a very great class to attend.  The teachers get to know you as a person, not just as a student.  Coming to class is enjoyable.  The class is very helpful and can give you a leg up in the baking industry.  The class teaches you teamwork, time management, and most of all, great self-esteem to be your best.”


We also had the Storefront for Success grand opening this last Saturday!  Bennie wrote a statement about his experience at the event:

The storefront grand opening was a great success.  Being there to experience it was such a wonderful feeling.  To see the smiles and all the different faces was very encouraging.  It’s amazing to see all the hard work pay off.  It showed me that anything is possible if you work hard at it and don’t give up.  The right people can motivate and push you to success.  That was proof that any dream or goal can be met, you just have to keep moving forward.  It shows that if you’re passionate about something and you stand by your product and your employees, the sky is the limit.  They had a recipe for success that was baked into something wonderful and delish.  This bakery is baking more than just cookies, pastries, bread, and brownies; it also bakes a dream and gives people a purpose.”

And now an introduction to a couple more of our students:

“My name is Norman.  I’m from Chicago.  I’m a father of seven: four boys, three girls.  I grew up in a one parent household.  My father would only come around pretty much when his wife would let him.  My mother has been my everything my whole 47 years of my life!  While younger, I didn’t listen at age 13 and I started running the streets and ran with a gang.  For me it was fun acting tough, carrying guns, and making money.  But I finally came out of that, but it took me until I was 25 to get out of that life.  I was on my way to having two more kids, a total of four, so I put the guns down.  But still did other stuff to provide for my kids.  When I turned 29 I started going to jail too much! Had anger issues and couldn’t listen to nobody.  People would tell me to stop putting my hands on dude, but being disrespected and my pride wouldn’t let me.

I came to Just Bakery to better myself and to learn something new.  I’m getting older and its not true, you can teach an old dog new tricks. And I’m willing to learn.  I see myself as a leader but can’t have any followers until I start doing as I say!  I’m getting over and learning to push my pride to the side and listen sometimes.  I love my kids, but those grand kids, wow.  I’m hoping to get married one day.  I want to enroll back in school, brush up on my math and see about accounting.  Only time will tell and at this point in my life, I’m willing to work on things to better myself.”



“Just Bakery is a great place to take advantage of one’s life.  It give hope to me and many others.  I have always been excited to help out in the kitchen.  Motivated by my mother and grandmother who are all great cooks.  I always loved a good meal. When it was up to me to make my own meals, I always tried to remember the recipes of the greats cooks before me.  O matter how bad a day, a good meal always brings people together.  And that’s why I would like to pursue a culinary arts degree.  It motivates me to want to learn more about business and all that goes into becoming a better cook.  Very competitive, I always try to do the best that I can.  I want this program to propel me into getting closer to owning a business so I can do what I love and make a career out of bring people together.

David obviously researching something for class…

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