The 30th Class

Class 30 has come upon us at a very exciting time in our development as a program!  We are opening our storefront, which has been a goal since the beginning of the program, tomorrow!  The collaboration with Porchlight will give us a location to sell our fresh baked products, as well as another place for Porchlight to sell their mixes.  The last month has been a blur of meetings and planning to get everything in order and it’s finally here!  The store will be called Storefront for Success and is located at 1704 Thierer Rd.  The hours currently are Monday and Wednesday 7-9 am and 4-6 pm, Saturday 8-2.  Our ribbon cutting ceremony will be at 11:30 tomorrow!

The new class has just completed their first week (has it really only been a week?!) and they are adjusting to having homework every night and beginning to work on time management.  It is not an easy transition, but if they form good habits in the beginning and stay on track, they can set themselves up for success!

Here are some introductions from our students to let you know a little more about them:

“Hi, I’m Regina.  I’m a 46 year old mother of three and grandmother of four.  Someone who I know just actually told me about the class because he thought I was a good fit.  I am always looking for ways to progress in life.  My sons are my motivation; they are so proud of me for coming to this program so it pushes me to stay for more.  My children bring my life joy with all of their accomplishments.  I struggle at having so many things to deal with, but I get past it.  I see myself in my own business franchise sooner than later.  I want to be the best at what I do not matter what it is.”

“Hi. My name is Bennie.  I’m 34 years old.  I’m from Mississippi, a small town named Lambert.  I’m the oldest of four boys.  I joined the army at the age of 20 and I spent six years as a infantryman.  I went to Iraq, I can speak two languages (French and Arabic).  I have a son and he is 13 years old.  My mom is my biggest inspiration.  She is my hero and motivation.  I came to Just Bakery to prove I can do anything no matter the situation, and I want to own my own restaurant one day.  This program gives me a chance to prove myself and to change my life. In a way, this place gives me more than a chance.  It gives me a purpose and a reason.  It is a God send or blessing.  I struggle with PTSD and the bakery takes a lot of my stress away.

My joy is my son, mother, and cooking.  I see my future is as bright and possible.  I see my own business and marriage.  I want to be successful and not another statistic.  But more than anything else, I want my son and mother to look at me and be even more proud of me. And I want to make others smile with my cooking one dish at a time.”

“Hi, my name is Zack, born Zachary, but I prefer Zack with a ‘k’ not an ‘h’.  I was born in Janesville in 1997, but I’ve grown up in Madison pretty much all my life.  As you’ve probably figured, I’m 20 years old.  The real reason I came to Just Bakery was when I heard the benefits for college; I was instantly ready, no changing my mind.  I decided that after how much time I wasted after graduation, now was the perfect time to start.  Who am I was the biggest question in my life, and to be honest, I couldn’t tell you a solid answer.  I’d say that I’m a social person, open minded, very easygoing, a traveler, a goofy but serious person.  My last name nobody can usually pronounce, so I have been nicknamed Wiz, Wiznew, or Wiz the Kid.  My biggest struggles actually would be correlated with who am I.  I just don’t know, and maybe that’s not a bad thing, and maybe it is, but it’s made my life special whoever I am.

My biggest joys and surprises in life were having my own apartment at 18.  I lived with my now ex-fiance.  I love to travel; it’s my greatest joy in life: seeing new things, new people, new experiences, and living free.  I definitely see myself going to travel once I get off probation, either back to Colorado or to somewhere new like Seattle, California, Mexico, or Europe.  Furthermore, I’d like to become a Drug Counselor or Psychologist for Drug Rehabilitation.  My dream job would also be in Architecture.  So, I’d like to further my education and see where the road takes me.  Life is about the choices you make or that you don’t make. “

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