Thoughts on the Program

Class 29 has completed the classroom portion and is moving on to their last month in the kitchen and retail shop!

The students took three tests this week in Nutrition, Supervision, and ServSafe.  It has been a busy two months and you can tell they are looking forward to the break from reading multiple chapters every night!

The newest portion to our program is going to be our retail shop which opens officially March 5th.  It is going to be called Storefront for Success and is a collaboration of Porchlight and Just Bakery! Porchlight is providing us the space to sell our fresh baked items and their mixes and canned items; meanwhile we can give our students experience in another realm of the foodservice industry: front of house.  Our shop will be open Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00-9:00 am and 4:00-6:00 pm.  It will also be open on Saturday’s from 8:00-2:00.  The more people who come in, the more training our students receive!  This will also be where orders should be picked up.   It is conveniently located in the same building as our kitchen and classroom, just a couple doors down at 1704 Thierer Rd.

We are very excited to be moving into this next phase in our programming and to finally have a place to sell our items during the week.  We have been blessed to have the support of so many churches in the Madison area with our Sunday sales, and we will continue to be at the churches every week, but it will be nice to have a brick and mortar!

And now for some words from Leia:

Finalizing our classroom experience within Just Bakery, I decided to do a short exit interview with my classmates and instructor.

Do you think the program was successful?

-Yes, the program provided a lot of insight on the subjects covered.  I learned a lot about ServSafe that I didn’t know before.

-Yes, Just Bakery has a thorough way of teaching that encourages the learning.  It also provides ways to meet the students internal and external needs, which isn’t typical of a classroom experience.  The small class size makes it easier for the instructor to understand what the students need more help with and it is very individualized.

-Instructor: This session was rough- there is a lot of room for improvement, and receiving immediate feedback from the students will be helpful in developing the new programming further.  It was definitely a learning experience!

Would you recommend Just Bakery to somebody else as a student or instructor?

-Yes (short to the point from the students)

-Instructor:  Yes, we are able to provide needed internships to students who are interested in working with the populations we serve.  It is also helpful for students to have information presented to them by different people who may have other insights and ideas in how to explain difficult topics.

How do you think the program could improve?

-I don’t think the program needs to improve.  It was good as is.

-Although I benefited from the compacted classroom material, I think finding a better balance would be great for the class in general.

-As a whole, I really enjoyed the goals of the program and methods used to reach them.  Material seemed very fast paced at times, and finding ways to manage was a challenge for me.

Do you feel like you want to transfer the credits earned to a culinary degree?

-Yes, I hope to be able to retake the program, retain more information, and actually pass my exams next time.  Afterwards, I would like to complete the culinary degree.

-Yes, I learned a lot about my own learning style.  The fast pace was good for me and more similar to the college classroom.

-Yes, I really intend on going to Madison College to finish the degree.  It will help me develop myself in the kitchen.  I struggled to find the appropriate way to balance Just Bakery with my family life, so it makes me nervous to join a more rigorous environment.



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