All Good Things Must Come to an End

Our class and bakery program began with January and will end in March. What started as a group of seven has dwindled down to four students that are committed to seeing the program through. We have completed reading in four ManageFirst textbooks, with just one chapter left of the fifth.
Along with reading the books, we are also required to take a proctored multiple choice exam. Our management exam was completed two weeks ago, and produced two now certified students in the area of Management and Restaurant Hospitality. Next week, we “look forward” to taking the four remaining exams. Ha! Nobody really looks forward to taking right!? Although, not everyone passed the first exam, everybody has a much greater understanding to the importance of actually studying for the exams. Questions have become more prevalent and the smaller class size produced a greater participation. I, for sure, will spend my weekend completing study guides and practicing equations.
Our actual class time learning from a text book will end next week, but the learning shall not. Honestly, I tell my kids often, the day you stop learning, will be a sad day for you. Fortunately, we are still becoming bakers. Given the recently holiday, we were able to make some specialty deserts like hand dipped chocolate truffles and create beautiful baskets full of goodies! If you didn’t get one, I’m sorry, that sucks…. But, there will be more throughout the year; I highly recommend you be on the lookout.
Being in the bakery is a hands on experience everyone can appreciate. Knowledge retention is much greater when combining as many senses as possible and it provides more mobility than the classroom environment. Just Bakery understands the need for students to have real life experience. Soon a retail store front will be another extension of the learning experience throughout the program.
Today the first session of training for the store took place. We had the opportunity to sit down with the lovely women from Short stack eatery, and were given a rundown of the planning that that should and will soon take place. We were presented with the basics and were asked for our input, a very key component to orchestrating a successful a team in reaching a desired outcome. Another training session will take place next week prior to the soft opening of the establishment, when the true learning experience will take place for all involved.
All in all, a great learning experience for our students and teachers alike has taken place over the last month and a half, with no stoplights in sight. Be on the lookout for many great things to come!
Our retail store is set to open March 5th at 1704 Thierer Rd Madison, WI!  Our hours will be Monday and Wednesday 7-9 and 3-5 and  Saturdays 8-2.  Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date as more information becomes available!

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