It’s Go Time!

Welcome to week 5 at Just Bakery!  We are almost halfway through our class program and have a schedule that reflects it.  Time management is probably one of the most important and applicable skills we have discussed thus far, as we are in the full swing of class, making progress in every subject, and we started in the kitchen yesterday.

Last week, we introduced you to John Doe (Dough).  He has continued to grow and our classroom instructor will attempt to bake sourdough bread out of him for us over the weekend!

John Doe: Bubbly, alive, and ready to go!

We also started Supervision.  It has a clear overlapping of the Management course we were learning about.  I’m not sure if the repetitiveness will be beneficial or confusing.  Fortunately, we took our final exam on the Management course Wednesday.  Now we anxiously await for our final test results, which should arrive within 10 days!

We recently met John Givens from MUM and started our Phoenix group meetings.  John has encouraged us to join circles and potentially become leaders for others in the same environment.  We will continue with the Phoenix groups throughout the remainder of the program and should finally get to meet James Hawk at next week’s meeting!  Education is important, but knowing you have so many different levels of support to aid in the success of receiving it is equally important, as life can be detrimentally distracting if one lets it.

This week we finally got formally introduced to the Bakery.  Jim walked us through the difference between mass and volume, showed us the different scales, measuring utensils, and major equipment within the bakery.  Lastly, to fully introduce us to the kitchen, Ken (the kitchen manager) had us run through the processes to successfully clean the kitchen at the end of our shifts.


Moving forward, lots of studying needs to be done outside of class, as we are quickly approaching more final exam dates.  We will also be able to start earning extra hours through Saturday production.  We are also anticipating the training and opening of Just Bakery’s retail shop.  Students will participate in the store operations, especially during March when we have completed the classroom portion and are only in the kitchen.  Working in the store will provide valuable experience and give students the opportunity to earn accredited hours to satisfy the ManageFirst Program, and transfer these credits towards the culinary degree at Madison College.  My eventual goal is to complete this degree, and hopefully everybody else will as well!


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