Final the Kitchen!

This week in Just Bakery has been a crazy one.  We’ve had a couple students leave, and illnesses have taken out a couple others during the week.  But with that, we still have overcome many trials and tribulations.  We still work a lot as a unit to get what’s needed done.

We did a couple science experiments this week.  Earlier this week, we experimented with making gluten.

Yesterday, we started to prepare a sourdough starter named “Jon Doe”.  It seems like, from my understanding, Jon Doe is going to take a lot of care in order to “grow up”.  We need to feed it 1/2 cup of water and 3/4 cup flour, mix it together, and watch it progress through the stages until it’s ready to bake.

We had a good discussion with John Givens, who works with MUM and hosts groups [Phoenix Initiative] that are aimed to help people talk about problems in their lives and the groups help better oneself. I’ve been interested in working with troubled teens, and talking to John, he said I would be good at holding some groups working with teens.  I think it would benefit both them and myself at the same time.   It can be beneficial to me because I’ll be continuing to learn how younger youth think, what the young community thinks about the cold world we live in, and the reasoning of why they do what they do.

I’m excited about the week to come because we leave the classroom Tuesdays and Thursdays to work in the kitchen.  I’m excited for that because: 1. We finally get to implement what we’ve been learning and 2. Because it’s hands on and more moving around.  We as a class already work well together, so I don’t think we will have any problems in there!




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