Leia, tell us about Week 3…

“The ultimate test of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and moments of convenience, but where he stands in moments of challenge and moments of controversy.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

We are in the full swing of class and making great progress in ServSafe, Math, Nutrition, and Management.  We have completed over half of each book, and are ahead of schedule in math.  This is exceptionally exciting as the first and third weeks of class were shortened by closing for Martin Luther King Jr. day on Monday and the service fair at MUM Tuesday.  In addition to the subjects covered above, we have also completed our resumes and are working on cover letters.

Pushing through ServSafe has been a priority for our class, because we are all eager to get hands on experience inside the kitchen as bakers!  Our baking days are scheduled to start in February and will be twice weekly.  It will be fun to really test ourselves and each other on the math skills we have mastered.  Learning conversions is a skill that was brand new to all the students in class when we started.

Management and Nutrition are a couple of subjects that really bring the class together.  We are easily able to discuss real life experiences that apply to the subjects at hand.  We have all shared instances in our working backgrounds about past managers, supervisors, and responsibilities we have had.  Likewise, we also are able to point out nutrition facts about the food we are eating on class or on the menus of restaurants we frequent.


Just Bakery has become a stepping stone for everyone.  We often look to what’s next for ourselves.  Now that we have professional resumes with cover letters, being employed in a strong position has become a reality.  Many students have shown great interest in continuing education through the culinary program at Madison College, or other program’s we learned about at MUM’s Service Fair this past Tuesday.

Overall, students were pleased with the resources presented at the service fair, and look forward to attending more in the future.  Culinary Creations and the housing resources seemed to be the most informative this time around.

Looking forward, we are preparing to start the food cost portion of our math unit, life skills, baking in the kitchen, and we will be getting one more book about supervision.  All in all, we have all shown potential through progress and have no plans on turning back!



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