“The experience I’ve gotten thus far from the just bakery program is more than I imagined. I was only expecting to learn baking basics, but there’s more to the class. The people here have your best interest at heart. They want to help you succeed in life upon leaving here. There’s help to get your resume together, and also help to figure out what you need to move forward in life. Being a single mother, this type of hands on help is much needed and greatly appreciated. I feel like I can accomplish a lot more knowing I have great people willing to stand with me and help.

I’ve learned the basics of baking and some things I never knew. I plan to take what I learn from the Just Bakery Program and use it to further my education in culinary arts and hopefully find a good job that will help me take care of my family without worry.”

We’re in the last few weeks of the last class of the year, and you can see the changes in the students (even if they can’t yet).  This program is not easy!  It’s a lot of information and work to remember everything!  The nice thing is that the hands on portion in the kitchen works well with the classroom information, and actually using the math and food safety helps the students remember it.  They have finally made it through fractions (many of them thought it couldn’t be done) and on to the production side of math (converting batch sizes).

ServSafe has gone from the basics of food safety, the important roles food workers play in every step of the flow of food, and are now on the last stretch looking at management roles.  This includes what types of materials are best to use in restaurants, working with health inspectors and pest control operators, and how to know what equipment to use.

Employment is on the last step: interviews!  Jess gave the class a lovely presentation on the importance of not only what you say, but how you say it, and even the non-verbal clues you can give.  Next week we’ll get into the hands on interviews and see how the students have improved since the first week of class, and then they’ll get to do mock interviews with community members.

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