Class 28 Has Entered the Building

This week was chaotic as our new students found the classroom and got situated.  There is always a bit of an adjustment period when you find yourself back in school, no matter how long you’ve been out.  You can see the fear in everyone’s faces when they learn that we will be studying math in addition to the ServSafe course and Food Science.  It seems like everyone has some level of dread when it comes to math.  But we always try to reassure them that we will take our time and make sure they get it.

Day One always starts with Introductions and Orientation.  We start the process of getting to know and trust each other by staff and students opening up about ourselves.  Then we get into the rules and expectations of the program.  Once everyone is on the same page, we break out the bakers jackets that they will start using the next day.

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Since our students start immediately in the kitchen on Day Two, we cover the personal hygiene portion of ServSafe first. This makes sure that everyone knows the proper way to wash hands, when to wear and change gloves, what clothing to wear or not to wear, and general safety in a kitchen.  And then, they’re off!

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