Interviews, Presentations, and Tests: Oh My!

This week has been pretty crazy for the students as the end of the classroom portion approaches.  The students completed mock interviews with Carmella, the program coordinator, which were videotaped so they can see what they look and sound like to an interviewer.  Mock interviews were followed by the Final Presentations for science.  Presentations were very personalized this round with many references to the different cultures of our students and their lifestyles.


Chris taught us about Diabetes and his experiences living with it, as well as showing us some Tai Chi which has been found to be beneficial for people with Diabetes.


Felipe taught us about peanuts.  Originally from Peru (about 8,000 years ago), they are now found all over the world.  He also talked about the different ways peanuts are served (roasted, boiled, creamy in peanut butter) and how different places around the world use peanuts; specifically how his family from Mexico utilized them during Semana Santa: this is a holy week (actually two weeks) where they do not eat any meat so use peanuts to get protein.


Anthony taught the class about E. coli, which is one of the big six pathogens singled out by the FDA as being one of the most contagious.  He told us about the symptoms, the foods that carry it (ground beef being the most common) and some outbreaks.  He then cooked up some burgers to show us the difference of under-cooked and properly cooked (internal temperature of 155F). Plus, they were delicious, especially for his first time cooking burgers!


Ricardo made guaguas de pan (bread babies) which are a traditional Ecuadorian Dias de los Difuntos (Day of the Deceased) bread.  The living dig up the graves (or just picnic on top of depending on where you’re from) of their dead loved ones to eat guaguas de pan, drink colado morada, and chat with them!  The final project was nicely timed because Nov. 2nd is Dias de los Difuntos.


And now, from Chris:

This week I interviewed my classmates.  My focus was on what Just Bakery has done for them: What they are learning, what will be most useful in their life, how it will help future life changes, how it has impacted them, and what they are taking away from the experience.

Anthony likes the way the students and teacher interact and the small class environment makes it easier to learn.  He says he is currently seeking more credits to get his GED and he appreciates the surrounding of Just Bakery.  The math, science, and life skills will help him achieve getting his diploma and impact him by  helping with a brighter future.

Ricardo says he’s learning how to manage in a bakery setting along with the dos and don’ts in a kitchen.  ServSafe helps him learn food safety like sanitation and correct temperatures.  He feels more comfortable with people who have similar situations as he is in and it’s easier to learn in a fun and playful environment without all the stresses that come with every day life.  He says what motivates him is that he can see the light at the end of his dark tunnel.

Felipe is learning a lot of different things such as math, science, and communication skills.  He is also learning how to deal with many life situations in a positive way.  Just Bakery showed him that life is not as stressful as he thought.

Chris: For me, Just Bakery is an extended family.  We have a good time learning and working on small issues that just pop up in life.  Just Bakery is preparing us to challenge ourselves to make a difference in the world and also to work hard for what you want, but enjoy it while doing it.  Just Bakery has opened a door of opportunity for me and others by enhancing my life skills and allowing me to showcase my skills to others.

Thank you for the stage,

Chris Stewart

Students, interns, volunteers, and classroom instructor dressed up for Halloween!
Math volunteers Bobby as flower child and Jim rocking his formal Tonga ware (wears it every chance he gets!)

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