Thoughts Impact Action

I’ve lost a lot of important people in my life.  It had me believing a lot of foul thoughts.  My delusional views had me passing judgment on myself, other people, and the system of the world.  I thought the world was out to destroy me.  I was always telling myself I was wrong for something I did a long time ago or thinking I was better than the next person. By saying “I’m too weak at this time to do this”, I was talking myself out of the promise of living a prosperous life.

This negative, unhealthy thinking had me on a collision course with myself.  My self-destructive behavior led me down all the wrong roads, playing the victim, but in reality, only the victim of my own thoughts.

Now I’ve discovered the magic of thinking. I know I can succeed if I believe I can succeed.  If I believe I am happy, I will be happy.  Thoughts help you develop your power.  I think “I’ll win” instead of “I’ll probably lose”.

Even though there are days I wish I could change some things that happened in the past, there is a reason the rear view mirror is so small and the windshield is so big: Where you’re headed is much more important than what you’ve left behind.  What have you learned about yourself?  What needs to change and how?  We are all upstanding people, and the person who acts on a positive change has the best chance to grow because mistakes help us learn.

The challenge is to learn and find the positive in external and internal situations.  In any struggle, there is a silver lining.  So many times we let life beat us up.  But I’ve learned that we as human beings can control our destiny and future through this process called thought.  If you think it, than you can make it happen.

Tell yourself ten things you’re grateful for every day and see the change.  This is the power of creation that we all hold.  Take control of each day: have a good conversation with yourself, tell yourself great things until you believe them.  Watch what happens.

I really connect with this idea.  I have a new life because I have new thought processes.  I believe things do happen for a reason; nothing is just random.  That’s why I choose to think Big all the time.  When things are bad, I try to find the lesson out of what’s going on. For instance, I got mad with someone I know and decided this is the perfect chance for me to start a new relationship with them instead of picking a fight with them.  Let’s look at a new approach because the old one was not working.

My best advice to myself and others: Never sell yourself short.  Develop a belief in what you are doing and your purpose.  Make no excuses for what happens, but learn from the experience.  And never underestimate your own intelligence.  Build confidence and destroy fear. Yes, fear is real and must be recognized before we can conquer it.


Chris Stewart

Let’s be happy!

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