Every Day Is not a Cake Walk

In class this week, I’ve learned a lot about myself and others.  Personally, I’ve learned that when you think that you’re drained and overwhelmed, if you dig a little deeper you can and will accomplish whatever your goals might be.  Sometimes we’re ready to throw the towel in on something and believe it is too much, but in life, to get where you would like to be, you must look at obstacles like they are just there to make you stronger.  These mountains in your way are only strength builders.  You and only you have the power to move them.

This week, with life’s high demands, I experienced joy when I came to a point where I had to overcome a challenge.  It was one of those days where nothing was going according to my plans.  My first thoughts were, “I should just stop.  Why am I doing this?  This is only adding more stress to my life.” But as these negative thoughts tried to control the outcome of my life, a spark of faith crept in and said, “You are doing all these things for a positive future, and along the way it’s a great story that might help someone who needs some motivation.  You will see a smile on the faces of peers if you just get up and try a little harder.”

I get these things from my classmates and instructors of Just Bakery, and that makes me want to get up and be the best I can.  I find joy in small inspiring things such as answering questions, completing assignments, baking goods, and helping others.  I’m learning these things on a day to day basis; caring and paying attention to others’ needs and not only my own.  Giving back feels good, and it’s a feeling I don’t want to leave me.

Being here at Just Bakery, we don’t just bake cakes.  The staff gives me the ingredients to make life a more finished product.  I learn to live and enjoy life through teaching.  It shows me that every day is not a cake walk, but if you keep on going, you will get what you’re looking forward to, and have fun doing it! This is a life changing experience, and for today, it is making me happy. Thank you Just Bakery.


Chris Stewart

Student Chris, our kitchen manager Ken, and  student Ricardo showing off the cookies they baked off earlier that day

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