Do you Believe you Control your own Future/Destiny?

I do believe that I have control over my future and also my destiny.  I have learned that life is just a situation waiting to happen.  I can control that situation negatively or positively by my attitude of how I view things.  For instance, if my baking instructor gets sick at the last minute and can’t teach the class… “Oh no”.. I could view this in a way that says “I won’t be able to learn a thing about baking today” or the positive spin “I can step up my game and learn on my own”.  That prepares me for the next time he or she teaches, I’ll be ready to move forward.

Control over my destiny and future is an interesting thing.  It can also be summarized as people, places, and things.  I think that if I place myself with positive people, places, and things, I have a positive outcome, which brings positive energy and affects my future.

Every day, I awake and find things to be grateful for.  One is to have breath in my body, for without it, nothing can start.  Two is to have a brain and all body parts and motion.  Finally, I’m grateful for friends and people to communicate with on a day to day basis.

I’m also grateful to have found a great support system at Just Bakery and other areas in my life.  Last week, I was baptized at Calvary Gospel Church, and I’m hopeful that this is another part of my extended family.  In my life I am searching for more positive people, places, and things to indulge in.  I have also engaged with other men in a support group to share my thoughts and ideas but also my struggles; than I can try to avoid some of the roadblocks on my journey called life.

If I had some advice to a younger me, I would say, “Self, you need to surround yourself with happy, positive, outgoing people.  And you should always shoot for the moon, so if you fall short, you’re still among stars.”

Something I’ve learned over time is that my actions lead to greater actions.  If I wake up and smile and say todays a great day and continue to say that to myself through the day, the allusion has a way of becoming what I think is called a mirror image.  So today and every day I tell myself, “Life is good and you have a bright future; keep doing what you do!”


Chris Stewart



Meet a Student:

My name is Anthony.  I’m 19 years old.  I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin.  The most important people in my life are both of my moms and my father.  I was motivated to come to Just Bakery because I wanted to earn a high school diploma and find a nice career so I could get my life together and stop hanging with people that could have me dead or in prison.  I want to be successful in the future.  I hope someday I can have my own business, house, car, and family.  I enjoy being around people that want me to do good in life.  I think being homeless made me stronger because if I wasn’t I would still be in the streets making bad decisions.


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