What is Just Bakery/Meet our Journalists!

Here at Just Bakery we are learning more than just bakery. The program is more than a classroom, a lotta dough, and hard work. Just Bakery is a million things to count, so we won’t. Along with learning the Art of Bakin, we are learning and re-learning science, math and food safety. The ServSafe course we are working on is bonafide: you get certified with a physical certificate from ServSafe, and a leap up in life! Now don’t forget about the experience and the skills we get in the kitchen baking up all those cookies, brownies, and sweet little muffin loafs, which are so good! (Editor: That’d be our quick breads!)

In the past two weeks, the students, coordinator, instructors, and interns have gotten to know each other. We make coffee first thing every morning as everyone comes in. We’ve baked a few things together: brownies, cookies of all sorts, little round breads. We work together as a team. We eat lunch and at the end of the day we all clean up the classroom or kitchen, depending on what we were part of that day.
To our advantage, people from other organizations work with us and come tell us about different resources and give up connections. Our interns, Jess and Sheereen, are here three or more days a week, helping us and bein interns. They assist in job skills (practice interviews, working on applications, getting resumes together) and case management (helping us make phone calls and figure out how to solve problems that arise). Jaclyn is our teacher and somehow manages to keep us in-line while at the same time helping us learn and retain all this information. Carmella helps with case management and the life
skills every other week. I don’t really understand exactly what her job/jobs are, but she is one busy woman.

IMG_20170929_133814161-2 (1)
The class learning about gluten in flour by making it!

Meet the Journalists:
I’m 33 from East Texas. I heard about the program while in the Huber at Dane County Jail. I didn’t know what to expect from the program, nor the plans for my future. I’ve already gotten more from the program than I could have expected. I’m glad I enrolled and pray I don’t disappoint anyone. I hope to complete the class and get my certificates. I want to keep the knowledge and skills I learn and put them to use. I am very thankful for the opportunity.
Hi. My name is Chris Stewart. I’m happy that I joined Just Bakery, living in a world where we’re faced with a lot of darkness, I needed something to enlighten my spirit. I’ve found sunshine coming to this program. I can see through the clouds and it motivates me every day. I see a change in my attitude. Just Bakery gives me a better outlook in my future. My thoughts are: the way baking soothes my soul will also open up different avenues in the future. It is a gift that can be passed down to humble the next person that’s struggling with lives situation. I’ve seen the power of the love and care the staff has placed into each person I’ve met here and the stories of the victories of people who needed a chance to be heard. Just Bakery has opened doors and turned my frown into a smile if the few weeks I’ve been here. It’s motivated me to learn and give more of myself when I come into these doors five days a week. I enjoy the science, math, and baking instruction-it makes me want more. I believe this is the beginning of something huge and I want more. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity.

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