Therese is a student of session 23 of Just Bakery, the first session to take place in the new building.  She brings lots of food service experience, including five years assembling salads, setting out desserts, and acting as an assistant cook at a nursing home.  However, the one aspect of food service that she had never been involved in was baking.  So, Therese joined Just Bakery to get her ServSafe and learn how to bake.

During her time at Just Bakery, Therese learned “everything” about food, including the big five foodborne pathogens; the correct temperatures at which to hold hot and cold food; the science of leavening and emulsions; and much more.  For her Food Science Final Project, Therese chose to research the health value of edamame,  which are young soybeans eaten while still green.  As part of her project presentation, she sautéed edamame with garlic and chili flakes, and served them to her audience.

One of the most challenging parts of the Just Bakery program for Therese was Baker’s Math.  Although Therese “can’t stand math,” she nevertheless excelled, including finishing all the chapters early and acing her exam a week ahead of time.  With nothing left to do on the last day of class, Therese requested the advanced, non-required math chapters, and finished them all in one push.

Therese is proud of her success at Just Bakery, but still has a lot left that she wants to accomplish.  Her next step is to work on finding housing and a job.  Someday, Therese wants to own her own home and achieve “a little financial stability.”  Her dream is to own a food cart and sell barbeque ribs, chicken, and Mexican and Cuban foods.

She would recommend the program to others as a great way of “helping people not to go back” to jail.

…by Diana G…

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