David’s journey has brought him to Just Bakery three times.  He first joined Just Bakery in 2015 because he needed help finding employment, but quickly discovered that there was much more to the program than that.  He had previously worked as a tattoo artist, a mechanic and a chef, but “was curious about baking.”  In Just Bakery’s classroom, he studied aspects of working in a kitchen that he hadn’t been aware of before: “harder math, food borne illness, cross-contamination…stuff that you don’t really pay attention to” until learning about it.  David left the program, but returned to pick up where he left off later that year.

David graduated from the classroom component of the program, and even before he could begin the hands-on training, he quickly found a full-time job working as a chef in a local restaurant.  In 2017, David returned to Just Bakery to complete the hands-on component and work towards his Wisconsin Baker’s Association certificate.  As part of his training, David produces cookies, breads, croissants, Danishes and more for Just Bakery’s sales.  His favorite product is our Peanut Butter Brownies.

Though David graduated from Just Bakery’s math, science, food safety, and life skills courses long ago, he has great memories of the classroom, and recalls that “the teachers are awesome” and are “patient with people having trouble learning.”  He frequently pops his head into the classroom to see what’s going on and to help students figure out tough math problems, or just to raise everyone’s spirits.  He also lends his artistic hand when students need help drawing diagrams or making posters for projects.  To Just Bakery’s current students, David is the voice of experience.  To those thinking about enrolling in the Just Bakery program in the future, he gives is advice: “if anybody is having trouble finding a job, this is the place to go.”

…by Diana G…

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