Class Begins in the New Building

Three days after Just Bakery’s new building officially opened, the first group of students to occupy the new space entered the classroom and sat at the three round tables.  There were a dozen students in all: eleven who came to us through the jail’s work-release “Huber” program, and one from the community.  Carmella, Jaclyn, Diana, and Jim W.—Just Bakery’s teaching staff and volunteers—sat amongst the students and prepared to bein introductions.  After three-and-a-half years and twenty-two sessions of students, Just Bakery finally had a place to call its own.  

Although the building itself was ready, we were still figuring out the details of the new space.  Session 23 of Just Bakery began without a printer, photocopier, landline, or internet.  That meant that all email communication and printing of class materials had to be done at home or at the MUM office on the other side of town.  Needless to say, this situation presented unique challenges for Just Bakery’s teaching staff.   There were times when Diana, the Math instructor, resorted to the ancient technique of hand-writing problems on the board for the students to copy down into their notebooks.


Many aspects of the classroom experience were not affected by the lack of technology, however.  The first day of Baker’s Math began with a hands-on activity to familiarize the students with volume measurements.  The class borrowed liquid measuring cups and spoons from the kitchen, as well as several buckets of water, and conducted an experiment to determine equivalencies between the measurements.  Using water, the students discovered that it takes three teaspoons to fill a Tablespoon; sixteen Tablespoons to fill a cup; four cups to fill a quart; and four quarts to fill a gallon.
In Food Safety class, Jaclyn began the first day with a lesson on hand washing.  This was a break from the norm, as hand washing is not covered until Chapter 4 of the ServSafe Food Safety textbook; but Jaclyn reasoned wisely that, since the students would be in such close proximity to the kitchen and would begin their training there that very week, that learning how to wash hands safely and properly was paramount.
The first month of class was off to a very hands-on start!
…by Diana G…

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